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  • I saw this community through someone's profile and said to myself 'I have to join!'.

  • First off, I'm seventeen, male, homosexual, Chinese, [going to be] senior in high school, residing in the Bay Area, California.

  • I depise AzNness so much. Because of this, I refused to go to the other school because I thought it was to AzN. But my brother is going there this year.

  • I don't have myspace, xanga, and all that funky stuff. Oh yea, rice rockets are the ugly pieces of shit I have ever seen.

  • Those loser male haircuts makes you look stupid. Typing uppercaselowercaselololol!!1!1!oneone is n00bish. And talking in your native tongue in public is fucking annoying.

  • And what's worst are those wannabe-fobs.

  • Anyway, before this start to sound like I'm hating all Asians, I don't. I can speak Cantonese, reading and writing is limited because I forgot all the stuff I learned at Chinese school [= . I want to go to South California for college, but you know those parents, 'Too far, too expensive, go to UC Davis, UC Berkeley'. I'm sure all the Californian teens know what I'm talking about.

  • PS: Yes, I love my bullet points.
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yea. i'm blind enough. can't read that size -3892749834535 font.

  • Hmm, fixed it.
about the college one. It happened to me :(

Deleted comment

  • I live in Millbrae.
I definitely hear you on the "Too far, too expensive" college bullshit. (It's how I wound up at UCSB instead of Santa Cruz :-/ ) Geez, a UC is a UC! Honestly, Berkeley and Davis don't seem that much cheaper than LA or San Diego. Anywhere in Cali is pretty much bound to set you back a pretty penny, hehe.
A ricer cut me off today. I was so fuckin' pissed off because my car has so much mroe power than his wannabe race car.