Kat (the_real_girlie) wrote in asiannotazn,

ghetto AZNs at walmart....

yes, walmart. I've always thought small families and broke ass college students like me would be the only asians i'd see at walmart. just saw a group of ghetto AZNs at walmart yesterday buying some subwoofers and a pair of boxing gloves (no 40s? how un-real). the males, of course, has to wear black tanktops to show off their AZN tattoos and represent their AZN-ness. not surprisingly, the females are toying with their cellphones, while donning some $10 LV fakes and exaggerated purple, blue-ish green eyeshadow.

oh i forgot it was halloween.
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did their tattoos have dragons and chinese characters?
i couldn't tell cuz i was standing pretty far from them and i wasn't wearing my glasses. but from the looks of his arms, it appears that he just decided to go into a tattoo parlor one day and picked out 20 random designs. i wouldn't be surprised if there're a few AZN characters involved.
next year I'm thinking of being azn for halloween.
Hahaha. . . boxing gloves.
Ok, between the AZN license plates I've been seeing and what you saw, I say we ALL get camera phones RIGHT NOW to document these sightings. I've been carrying my camera around a lot lately, but I think I need a camera phone when I have to be more subtle. In the case of AZN tattoos, I think a camera could be used. "Hiiii! Woooow! I LOVE your tattoos! I'm writing an article for Cool Tattooed People Magazing [*snort*]... can I take pics?" You know those types of people would strike poses for you.