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I was contemplating being a stereotypical asian girl for halloween (wearing loud colorful clothes with engrish, knee socks, bangs/blond hair, carrying around some boba and a tennis racket, etcetc). Does that sound rascist to you? I know I saw somewhere online where this one guy wanted to be a middle eastern person for halloween and people flamed him. I know his idea wouldn't be very smart to attempt..but i'm not sure about mine. It's not like I'm making fun of them...(or maybe i am subconciously and don't know it).

I dont know.
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I don't really think it's racist - you could just say you're being a jpop star or something if people do ask. It's like dressing up like a geek. ...Right?
yeah, i agree. i make racist jokes at myself all the time. you know, like dude, why am i failing math, i'm supposed to be asian. i'm pretty much making fun of myself, so yeah...
Haha. You sound like me. I actually kinda suck at math.
lol i hate math i'm so bad at it
Does your mom ever ask you why you're failing math and doing so well in foreign language? I get that all the time!


11 years ago

Stereotypes in their entirety are racist. Being JPOP would be okay. Skip the tennis racket and the bubble tea. If you could see that dressing up as a middle eastern person was wrong, why can't you see that with being an Asian person?


August 3 2005, 23:38:51 UTC 11 years ago

because I'm used to making fun of myself (like those people above) and I'm used to other people making fun of asians ( all asian comedians...etc etc etc).


Maybe I'll just be a taco for halloween instead.



11 years ago

I don't know about racist, but I feel that it's offensive. Stereotypes suck enough as is; having people fuel it further by Halloween costumes is even worse.
Hahahahahaha. "What are you supposed to be for Hallloween?" "Asian" Sounds ridiculous to me. But, that's just my little opinion.
I know someone who wanted to be china for halloween. I don't know how you can be a country..
I also know someone else who was a hand for halloween.


August 4 2005, 01:57:15 UTC 11 years ago

That reminds me of a question that my sister was asked. "Is your boyfriend China too?"
its easy. foam.
i think a lot of people would have hard time trying to figure out what you are trying to pull off...

crazy emo style gone wrong?
punky brewster?
candy raver?
well..I'll wear a blue skirt and blazer or something so people might think of those sailor outfits.

And there is a very large azn population at school (which is also why i'm a bit leery about doing this..they might get mad). So they can figure it out.

I think I'll just take a picture of myself with a tennis racket/boba and flashing a peace sign for a keepsake..but I won't walk around with them and I'll just be a japanese person when I go out.
i would think that people were offended by the middle eastern dresswear because it was distasteful in light of recent events. even prince harry's nazi uniform was over the line.

although, emo azn "kekeke" girls haven't really contributed to the kind of social image that, say, a person dressed as osama or hitler has.

dressing middle eastern involves poking fun at the muslim faith in its entirety, so i suppose it would be racist. dressing nazi (for example) attempts to make fun of the war, but there were many sufferers, much heartache caused. dressing in pink and green and being an asian girl pokes fun at their spectacular sense of 'harajuku' style
I thinks its funny.

I heard this one caucasion girl talking about how she wanted to be chinese for halloween.

and well I'd rather see an Asian girl being a stereotypical asian then a caucasion girl.

I dont see how it would be racist if you are Asian. Like, I always see the whole FOB pictures posted online.
if you just dress up, i dont think it should offend anyone (doesnt mean it wont (probably would)), but if you go around saying that youre dressed as a hated azn, they might catch on that theyre being made fun of. ack... i hope that made sense. im tired.

i think im going as a pirate this year.
I personally don't find it rascist, and I'm sure many people can either agree or disagree. If you wanna get more complex, heck, *everyone* can be offended by *some* costume out there. Think back in history.
They way you gotta do it is make it clear you're making a parody of it. Sure, there're a lot of "FOBS" in my city and it's kinda amusing to put it all together for a costume...the way I see it, tons and tons of brand names, colours (sometimes clashing), trends mixed together, and the pigeon feet and V-sign. I could go on......... :) Have fun!
i'm chinese, and i do not appreciate this post at ALL

you say stereotypical, and by stereotypical, you mean that most asians dress this way. however, i dare you to go to Asia and find me just one country where the majority of people dress like you describe it.

i'm not too modest to admit that i'm one the best dressed girls in my school of 1000+. i also play tennis. but i, like the billions of other asians out there, do not walk around wearing mismatched clothes and flashing peace signs.

i think your costume idea is extremely insensitive, as well as that other guy's middle eastern-inspired idea. actually, anything focusing on the supposed "characteristics" of a certain race is just wrong. how would you like it if people dressed up to make fun of your nationality?
"how would you like it if people dressed up to make fun of your nationality?"

I am making fun of my nationality. I'm chinese too.

I know cool people who play tennis. I know asians really dress nicely. This costume is supposed to be like 'so this is what you THINK we're like' kinda thing. Also, I think it would be a fun way to dress up and be girly..since I've only worn a dress/skirt once in like 5 years..and I don't wear makeup.

It's a good thing I asked first, huh? I'm going to be a taco then (if I actually figure out how to pull it off).


11 years ago

I think it's a great idea.
heh..I seem to be getting complete opposite opinions..
naw, that auraeight gal was just confused. everyone supports you.

yawn and stretch. lates.

Then again, this is coming from the girl who went to school on Halloween dressed in red from head to toe. Lacking horns, no one knew who/what I was supposed to be until first break when I met up with my friend who was dressed as a tampon.
haha gruzz (the tampon part..)