plaiddanube (plaiddanube) wrote in asiannotazn,

just got back from a cruise

..Where there were people from all over the country/world. I live in the bay area, so it's normal for people to be around asians, but it was interesting to meet people in like the midwest/eastcoast who don't. The two times people randomly started talking to me (actually 3, counting this little kid), my ethnicity was brought up. They asked me where I was from (california), where I was from originally (..california), are you chinese(yes), and other questiosn like that. You never really get those questions at home, because at school, people tell each other apart by their last names, and asians have been living in my town for decades. This one old couple told me that they have an adopted grandaughter from china and that she liked spicy foods. They were nice. and that little kid asked me how old I was and then if I was korean (no).

So to all you people who don't live on the west coast, do you get asked lots of questions too? Do you get asked any stupid ones? (someone who lived in missouri once told me that someone at their school asked them if they were communist 0_o)
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